Friday, December 7, 2012

It was great to get a few pictures from Dylan this week.  That spider is sure freaky.  

Hey Family,
 I am doing great! I am in Borongan today for p-day. We were going to head down to Tacloban tomorrow for Christmas conference but I guess there is a super monsoon coming so it has been postponed. My companionship with Elder Canlapan is great we get along well. Because I am a new missionary in the field, we do this 12 week in-field training program,  we have an extra companionship study everyday. We have three investigators, we haven't started teaching them but we will soon. Our main focus in my area is re-activation of members. The numbers we have are low. It's hard to go to church here in the Philippines. Because the people live far away from the branch building they often can't afford the fair to travel to the building and, on top of that ,the land lord of the building that the members have been renting to have church in  in Dolores is raising the rent from P 5,000 to P 10,000. The members can't afford that, so at the end of this year they will be kicked out. The closest meeting house is in Dap-Dap which is about twenty minutes away.
 Basta (?) this last Sunday I taught Sunday school in Can-avid. It was an interesting experience. From Tuesday to Thursday this  last week I went on a split with an Elder in Sulat because my companion is a district leader and had a meeting in Tacloban. The people are so awesome! Especially the children, they are so cool. I did find one other white guy, he is an owner of a local restaurant in Dolores. He is Canadian we had a nice friendly chat about various topics the other day. 
 The food here is fine, it's actually not that different from America. One thing is for certain I HAVE EATEN SO MUCH MORE RICE!!. I have yet to try anything exotic. So how was Thanksgiving with the Babiracki's and Lundberg's?  I am missing the Christmas feeling we always had at home! Basta Gugma ko ninyo. Maaram ak nga ya'll will be watched over! God is on your side. 

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