Sunday, September 15, 2013

Monkeys and Caves

July 8, 2013

Dear Fam,

Hey I am fine don't worry about things. Those transactions are my transactions. I am using personal money to buy some personal items. Like a proselyting bag a pair of sandals and other things.  Please don't worry so much. Transfers are not until next week it is very possible nga I or E. Ramilo will transfer. Ug gihapon I might become a trainer or DL so we will see. What about the I-Pod were you able to put music on it? Have you sent it yet?  

I got some good news and bad news. Good news is that I FINALLY RECEIVED the package you sent me!!! Thank you so much for the mini pmg's and for the foods. The bad news our star Investigator who had a baptismal date moved to Manilya for school. Nooo sayoung. Our re-activating efforts have been paying off we found a new sister (LA) that we stared to teach this last week she came to church yesterday. Bring others back into the fold is just as great! Her name is sister Colas. 

That is just the biggest problem in the Philippines there are so many less-active members. Since we are in the province and there is not much strength in the Branch missionaries do a-lot of the re-activation. This last week was great we had 10 lessons 4 to investigators 6 to less-active, That is our usual week 10
to 15 lessons. My health is !00% percent great you guys know me I am like an Ox. That is something that has improved my endurance, needless to say we walk a-lot 5km-10km a day. I still use my net mom every single  night... For the release date we will get a 6 month letter or trunky letter as it is called :D telling us when our release date is. Meaning I still have a long time fourteen months.... President Firmage  wrote on my papers that I wanted to be released in time for school I will find out when the time comes. I dont want to think about it right now...stop making me trunky. Today was awesome we went to this awesome place it had caves and monkeys. It was awesome because you could feed the monkeys banana's. There were so many 20 to 30 monkeys all wild (well used to humans). It was awesome. Again thanks para ang tanan nga mga butanga gipadala nimo sa ako.. ug sorry for not wirtting as much as I should with love E .Mga Hari                

Getting Better

June 30, 2013

This last week has been great, we taught 11 lessons. It is hard not to get discouraged sometimes. Its just we are not getting the support we deserve form the members. We have just been working so hard. The attendance was 36 yesterday, last week it was 50. It just varies and I hate that. Our work did pay off. A brother who we have been re-activating for a while finally came to church yesterday. Yeah potential returning member. We were able to attend the worldwide training meeting yesterday. I was amazed to hear those announcements. Missionary work is changing in this ever changing world. The changes probably wont hit us till the very last. I also heard that every companion ship will be given a I-Pad or I-Phone too, for other purposes as well. This next transfer is going to be interesting because we have 17 new sisters and 9 new elders coming in. Plus, I have a feeling that I am going to become either a trainer or district leader. We will see. My companion is doing alright, he has a pretty fragile body. He has had a lingering cold plus allergy's weighing him down. 
Giingonniya rme....mamatay ako der.....sakit sa akong lawas....We are probably are going to go to Tacloban this week so meaning I get my package..:D Well love ya'll hope your well and enjoying your summer under the sun. 

Love Elder Kingsbury

 Sorry wasn't able to upload the pictures like I said I will send them next week.

Continuing the Work

July 23, 2013

Dear Family

First to answer your questions. No, I don't wear my passport with me. It is at the mission home and it will remain there till I leave. My shoes are fine they are holding out well, if I need another pair or if they need to be fixed I can do it here no worries. Unless we have an activity on p-day we wear out proselyting cloths in public. On p-day we email, lava, study and sleep. Sometimes we like to have actives. Later today me and Elder Ramilo are going to have an activity (I will send pictures next week!) Lastly my Cebuano is amazing I am pretty much fluent.  

Sige, this last week was hard for both of us. We were punted a-lot.  We only had 7 lessons the whole week. That's just what happens sometimes. That is cool that Alicia Hansen is on a mission! I took her on ca couple of dates while I was in High School, goodness seems so long ago. I have really started to hit my stride. Hala 9 months na!! My companion keeps telling me nga I am going to become a District Leader or a trainer this next transfer. Hopefully I would like that. Wow Elder Firmage that is rough stuff, being comps with a branch president. How big is his branch? Tell him we are in the same boat sort of. I have definitely learned how important the priesthood is in this last 9 months. Wow 9 months its hard to believe but its been awesome so far. 
Well Ingat amping. Naghigugma ko sa inyo.


The Best

June 16, 2019

Hey Family, 

This last week was great we had ten lessons. We teach a-lot of people, we try to balance our efforts, meaning half ivestigators and half re-activation. Our hard work payed off. We had two of our investigators come to church. (Ang ilang names Maribel Celmar and Teresa Lanugon We also had a less active family come to church 2nd time in a row (Togonon Family)! Almost a returning member.! We have three investigators committed to baptism for July. We have two progressing investigators
! The people we are teaching are awesome.         Of course some of them are less committed than others to keep and do our commitments that we give them. This last week I learned why St. Bernard has trouble progressing the members told us stories of how previous (previous meaning 2010-2011) missionaries were being disobedient and not fulfilling their purpose as missionaries. (All of them being Filipino). Boy do I have some stories for you when I get home about that! Basta that doesn't matter, what matters is that we are taking good care of the area and helping it progress. Wow that is awesome Oh plz tell dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!! (>0o)> I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR ME!!!!!!! My cloths are holding up fine if I need anything I can just buy it here. Wow you make me jealous I miss thrift shopping!! Wow I am glad that you have been able to lose 20 lbs!! Thank you so much for that last paragraph I really needed to hear that. My comp goes to Tacloban on the 27th of this month for a leadership training meeting so hopefully he can snag it while he is up there. It should be there by then.        

Excerpt from the letter I sent him:
Love you bunches and bunches, keep working hard and enjoy every moment of your day.  Continue in obedience to Heavenly Father's desires for you.  You are a faithful young man that has his whole life a head of him.  The Lord blesses those that love him and follow him.  I know that because Dave and I are blessed to be your parents.  We must have been doing something right to have such a wonderful son as you.  You, my dear Dylan, inspire me to be a better person.  
Always having an adventure.

Fantastic Week

June 9, 2013

Dear Family
I am doing fantastic! This last week was awesome. We got a-lot of good work done ,14 lessons. We got one investigator to church and three of our less actives who we taught came to church. It was great because has been a long time for them. My compship with Elder Ramilo has been getting better. Just the usual. There was a earthquake  but it was small. I have felt some in the past
, it is kind of weird feeling the ground shake. Wow I can't believe it is Trek again! I must be getting very old. Thanks again for the I-pod I can't wait for it. Yeah my package probably wont get here until, towards the end of the month. Ok lang kay my comp will in Tacloban on the 27 so I will see if he can pick it up. Haha mango in Visayan is mangga. Personally I have started to eat a-lot of pakwan (water melon) its lami kaajo. If you can make mango shakes. Those are really delicious. There are so many delicious frutas here in the Philippines. I hope you have fun tomorrow with your get together. Its funny me and Cody have been emailing each other every week, so we have been staying in touch. Speaking of talks I just got the General Conference edition of the Liahiona. !!!YES!!!! I cant wait to read it cover to cover!! Well I love ya'll hope you are doing great! Amping hangtud sa sunod!!              

Keeping the Faith

 Dear Family,

Thanks so much for sending a package. Did you get a music player with church music on it? If not that's ok. Thanks for everything. I am so glad that you are recovering well mom. Just keep holding in there. My birthday was great, really its just another day in life. 20 years doesn't really mean anything. I bought a 1.5 liter thing of Ice-cream and that was it really. Thanks for posting those picture's on Facebook. Did anyone else wish me a happy birthday? (On Facebook?) Its been the same old in St. Bernard our investigators are great they just need to come to CHURCH!! We did do another service project or the same sister this last Saturday, we cut bamboo and put up a fence. I love sundangs! Great story though, last Monday after work and everything we were just doing the norm before we go to bed. We received a txt from somebody (We had no idea who) basta it was one of our former investigators (who dropped us at the beginning of this cycle). Anyways she wanted us to teach her again. So that next day we did. We asked her why she wanted us to teach her again. She said during those last 3- 4 weeks when we did not teach her, she did not feel the spirit like the times before when we did teach her. Long story short she missed the Holy Ghost in her life and wanted it back. That was a cool story. Wow I can believe Tristan is 5' 3" she should start playing basketball or something!! Wow you guys are getting old 25th anniversary.    

Sa kanunay naghigugma ko sa inyo!! Ayaw kalimot ana!!

Loving St. Bernard

Dear Family

I would love it if ya'll were to send over an I pod over full of church music. Its totally pwede (Yes you can).  If you were to do that could you please put the album :Reflections of our Savior on it. That would be cool. Thank you so much for the mini's the Filipino missionary's love the small ones. Plus my small one got real dirty. Just the regular beef jerky. This last week was a very trying we struggled to teach and find people we have few lesson's. It was hard probably one of the hardest of my mission. I am currently reading in 1st Nephi. Reading about the stories of Nephi humbled me. How he keep enduring his trials and relying on the lord knowing that he would strengthen him even when everybody around him was murmuring. As you know sometimes when I get discourage I begin to murmurer. I have worked really hard at trying not to do that. I know that bisan lisod sija the Lord has strengthened me this last week and I haved learned from it. Well I am looking forward to another week of service to the Lord. That service can take many forms this last week (Saturday) we helped clean and shape up here a house that she will be soon moving into. We csped 8 sa buntag hangtud 4 sa hapon it was a great experience. I learned nga a sundang is the multi tool of the Philippines!!        

Getting into the Groove

Dear Dylan,
How are you doing this week Elder Kingsbury, it was so nice to hear your voice earlier this week.  I hope you are doing well.
Grand ma caught a bad cold from Tristan and now Dad has it , so hopefully they will feel better soon.  I am gaining back my strength little by little.  Grandma goes home early next Wednesday morning, so hopefully, I will be able to stay on my feet a little longer that at present.
We celebrated Taylor's birthday yesterday.  He had  ordered himself a Dodger cake at Albertson's, and boy was it not good.  It made me wish for a costso cake.  He loved it and the balloons that Dad got for him.  He got a game he wanted.  Dad grilled us hamburgers, it was good.
How is your Branch doing?  After we talked I went and looked up images of St. Bernard on Google.  Which baranguay do you live in?  When you planted the mangrove trees, was it in the area of the slide of 2006.  Wow, that must have been some hike you took.  I am so proud of you.  It must have been an incredible view from the top.  How are other things going?  How is your companion?  Is it hard to overcome the language barrier.  I know that you know the language, the people will begin to understand you, just pray for inspiration and speak a little slower than normal.  The Lord will help you.  He is award of each of us and our distinct needs.  I know you must be super busy since you have more that just the missionary responsibilities now.  You will be blessed for your service in ways you may not have thought about.
I have been home for a week now recuperating from the awful surgery.  It is so good to be home again and not wake up in a strange place and wonder where I am.  Dad has been a blessing in looking after me and the children.  I am glad the grandma could come and keep him company and help him in the kitchen.  We have not sent your May package, so please, buy yourself a birthday cake and share it with others.  I have not been able to find english minis of Preach My Gospel, only spanish minis.  Which of the 41 principles are you focusing on at the moment.  Maybe our family could study the same one that you are studying.  We are so grateful for your service.
I have not heard of other calls. I will let you know when I do.  Well Elder Kingsbury,  please let us know what you are stuying, so maybe we could study it too.  I downloaded all of the scriptures and the hymnbook to my I-pad.  Tristan has the scriptures on her I-pod and we are trying to figure out how to download the scriptures to Taylor's Kindle.  Now Dad just needs his own device.  It is so neat because the i-pad will read the scriptures out loud, so no excuses for not reading scripture.  
Oh, the church released the architectural rendering of the Meridian Temple.  It did not state when It would be finished.  Not much else for now, keep up the good work our son, you never know the seeds that you may be planting.  We love you.  Love Mom, Dad, Taylor and Tristan

Hello Family,
So I live in brgy Himatagon. No we did not plant mangroves near the landslide area that is way out in the bukid. We planted mangroves in the bay area we planted around 150-20. The branch is doing ok. Its may so all the brgy's have there separate fiesta's so some of the members skip church and go the different fiesta's. The last two weeks attendance has drooped to the fortieths. I am honestly a little disappointed with them. Just Filipino's have a lack of understanding. I will tell you more after my mission. My companionship has been getting better we resolved some problems in our companionship inventory this last Thursday. The language is going great I can totally speak it. I just get frustrated when Filipino's think I can't. Its rough sometimes. This last week was ok lang we went to Maasin for our Zone Conferences then me and Elder Ramilo stayed is Sogod for a district leadership meeting. It was interesting to learn some leadership. Inline image 1 I have been able to find comfort in my patriarchal blessing just reading over and over brings a peace to me. Oh could you wish Taylor a happy birthday for me. Oh before I forget if you could look for a book call "New Evidence of Christ in America" I have been reading (When I have time in Parley P. Pratts' autobiography (Well I finished it already)  It was really good. (My Zone Leader Elder Morley gave it to me.) Right now I am mostly focusing on the lesson's for chapter three in preach my gospel. I started to read the Book of Mormon again I am currently in 1st  Nephi 16. I am glad that you are doing well and recovering mom. Just keep looking for a a small PMG mini my comp really wants one. We can't get them here because they are only in America. I love ya'll to death. Keep up the good work.  Remember that Jesus is the reason I am serving.

Mother's Day... Not What I Expected

I had been in the hospital recovering from some major surgery and I begged my surgeon to please let me go home on Saturday so I could have my Skype call with my beloved Dylan.  After much begging, I was released late Saturday evening.  We tried all day to get a Skype connection, but it was just not working out.  There were national elections going on in the Philippines and it was impossible for Dylan   to get a bus to a better area of the city with newer internet cafes.  He emailed me his phone number and I was able to finally talk to him on the Tuesday after Mother's day.  Boy did I cry.  But I know he is doing what he has prepared his entire life to do.  I am so looking forward to my Christmas Skype . . . .

.Love you much... get the calling info. The number I gave you is exact.
SO I will look out for your call this week. Love you all.
Elder Kingsbury

New Companion Time


Everything is good here in the Philippines. Elder Parsons was transferred this last week. My new kauban is Elder Romilo. He is an awesome pinoy. So gahapon (yesterday) I was set apart as 2nd counselor in the branch presidency. So now I have additional responsibilities instead of just being a missionary. I know as I do my best the Lord will do the rest. Gaah yesterday we had a set appointment with Ganda family but they were not there. Our branch had a service project this last week we harvested mangrove seeds then we planted them. It was cool we planted around 200 mangroves! Missionary work is very hard here in St. Bernard this area has not had a baptism in over a year. Sogod Zone as a whole is lowest baptizing zone in the whole mission, but I wont let that discourage me. I know I just need to work my hardest. How is everything at home? That sucks that the Lakers are getting destroyed. How is Elder Lundberg doing in Russia has he made it ok? How is Mom doing?  Wow school is almost out. I have  been gone along time (8 months in May). Oh if you guys send me a package (for my birthday) could you plz send some beef jerky? I love ya'll .

Love your son Dylan.


Elder Parsons and I

Mom you haven't wrote me yet so I will write you! How are ya'll doing. Tis last week has been great. Yesterday was awesome because two of our investigator's finally came to church. Gihapon me and Elder Parsons found a family that is willing to listen to and accept the gospel. Their name is Ganda family. They are so awesome we committed them to baptism. This week is transfer week yikes again. I can't wait what changes wiil happen, but I am kind of sad because Elder Parsons will probably transfer this has been his 5th transfer here in St. Bernard. Changes are coming for sure in St. Bernard I am 100% sure nga I will become the second counselor in the branch presidency.

 This last transfer has been awesome (best so far hands down). Elder Parsons and I have been working so hard! We are getting close to a baptism. I guess this area has not had a baptism in over a year. So how are ya'll doing? I have been great mom, stop worrying about me I am fine. Have the playoffs started yet? Wow school is almost out for the summer there that is crazy. Oh plus I can't believe I turn 20 in a month. In fact I came to that realization yesterday nga I am almost twenty years old. Wow time has been truly flying by! How is Idaho doing? How is America doing? I heard there was some bombings? Where? Gosh I just hope everything is alright with ya'll. I hope I hear from you next week. Wala pa ang injo email.

Our emails crossed.  


It has been a long time since have updated Dyaln's missionary blog.  You see, I am an Apple girl and when my Mac Book Pro battery blew up and my power supply was runined, I was forced to use the Windows based desk top in my husband's office.  After being on the Mac Book since 2008, I just about lost my mind, between the 10 days of being in the hospital in May along with recoveing from a 5.5 hour bowel resection surgery, I simply lost my memory of how to use the Windows based computer and I have not had the brain power to try and figure it out.  Healing has been my priority this summer.  So, thanks to my dear husband, I am now back in business on my Mac Book.  So her goes.  I will go back and systematically post his letters and pictures from where I left off.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tearing it up.

Dear Family,
This last week was so awesome, my comp and I tore it up. We  had over 16 lessons total. It is election season here in the Philippines and it was interesting to see how they campaign for office here. The politicians gather a bunch of cars and people together then they drive around to all the different b
rgy's blasting music and other things. I thought it was a joke. O I forgot to tell you here in St. Bernard there are some small earthquakes you can feel the ground shake. Its weird. WOW you gave IN!!!
 Haha we will see how long this one lasts! She better be there by the time I get back!! hahaha. does that mean you are going to finish the fence?  My cooking skills are improving I eat rice, fish, spaghetti, potatoes and a whole lot of other stuff . Some   recipes? That would be nice. Has anybody else received their mission calls yet? Has Mark Moomey finished his papers yet? How is everyone doing? 

Yesterday was great we had a nice fast and testimony meeting. We had one lesson with an investigator. His name is Alex he is so awesome the spirit was so strong when we taught and testified about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon especially when talked about he can know para sa ija sarili (Moroni 10:4-5). He felt it big time. He said he was shocked and he said he didn't know how to describe his feelings. He is very attentive and willing to do our commitment's. He is our golden investigator right now. Gah I have to wait  till next Sunday to listen to conference jealous!!  Have a great week.!
Love this smile!!!!!

Strong in Spirit

Kamusta kamo? Malipayong ako dito sa Philippines. The missionary work here is great may kita maraming investigators. We balance our work between less actives and Investigators. We have been teaching a family the last couple of weeks.  Our typical Sunday is made up of church most of the day. Since there is lack of priesthood we have to do a-lot, for example we taught Sunday school and during sacrament I was chorister and blessed the sacrament. There were only 15 attendance at the Dolores branch meeting. Besides us there was one other priesthood and he was presiding over the meeting. I have not been able to receive my package yet next time in Tacloban. This Wednesday is transfer announcements so I find out if I am being transferred or not. Send Dad my regards I really appreciate him doing that for me. Thank you for the prayers. Wow it's hard to believe that its has already been six months, if you were to see me now you wouldn't recognize me. I have changed so much in the last six months for the better. I love this work that I have been able to do thus far I have never been part of anything that has been so fulfilling as this. I love being a missionary. This last transfer by far has been the best part of my mission (thus far). I love ya'll ayo-ayo.  Love Dylan

Working hard

Hi Mom and Dad 
 This last week was a good week. We visited some less actives for the first time in Can-avid. Tapos there is a brother in Dolores branch who is such in inspiration  He was less active and we have been having regular lessons and such. For the last three Sundays he has been coming to church and paying his tithing, it's awesome. He sells his own homemade ice cream for his job. It doesn't bring in much but somehow he supports his ten children. Also his oldest son works as a peddy cab driver to help out the family. My heart swells when I see members return to activity. We have about six investigators one of them is a family!!Most of them are progressing which is good. I haven't been able to receive my package,maybe next week during ZTM. Four new missions were created here in the Philippines they just split some of them. We as a mission are expected to grow by a 100 more missionaries by the end of this year!! Crazy!! Tell Tristan that I miss her to. How is she doing school and all of that anyway? I might get transferred this next transfer which is next week. Everybody who I have talked to (Including Americans who were in my area previously) only stay three transfers in Borongan Zone. Love you.

Love Dylan

New Comp

Everything here is going well, it's hard to believe that I have been in my area for almost four months now. Wow time really flies. I am almost finished with the first quarter of my missionary service. Wow 54 new missions!! I knew that they would have to open new missions with such an explosion. , I got a new comp my follow up trainer iya ngaran Elder Dabon. He is so awesome

gihapon batch mate ko who is in my district got a new comp and he is awesome too. That is awesome Jason got his call to Brazil!! By the end on this year I think the Philippines Tacloban Mission will grow 100 more missionaries. Next transfer we have 17 new elders and sisters. 10 of which are sisters. Crazy ha?  My health is great. As you know I have a solid immune system haven't been sick at all. Yesterday was awesome, our mission president came to area namon (We showed him the prospective apartment sa Can-avid) He took us out to lunch. He said "order what ever you want elder" needless to say I order a-lot. Morasa nga foods. Needless to say I ate so much! Gihapon,, president authorizes skype so its not for sure if its pwede on Mothers Day. Diak Maaram pa kon pwede magskype sa mothers day. So this last week was great looking forward to this week.

Mahal ko kayo. Mahupot mga kasugoanan. Mag simba susunod domiggo. Pirme nahinundman an pagbayad han sala ni Jesu Kristo nga Makabulig siya ha aton. Maaram ako nga niyo nabendisyion kay serbi ko ha dios at si jesukristo. Maaram hira ha aton bilang tagsa-tagsa. I know that you are being watched over and protected.  

Love Dylan

Catching Up

Hey, sorry I couldn't email last week, I was busy all p-day long. I went to an Island that was accessible by bridge siempre. I was so cool. There were so many diving boards of varying height. Man if I wasn't a missionary I would be jumping off of them. This last week has been hard my trainer got transferred and I got a new companion. Most of the zone was transferred actually. Five new elders. And, in addition to that, I am now the only American in the whole zone. Yeh.....but its okay. I have adapted by this point. I guess I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Like I said earlier, this last week was hard. I was on extended splits with my batch mate in my district. From Wednesday morning to Friday night. (My companion and his companion were both transferred.) President Andaya asked us Elders to find an apartment in Can-Avid because the area will probably be opening to a pair of missionaries next transfer.  Elder Delos Santos and I looked for three days straight but we had little success. It not like in America were you can just pick a pamphlet that has that information. We asked so many people but little was found. We have one new Investigator right now (we taught him lesson 1 MR kakulop yesterday) he is a shy, soft spoken 17 year old kid. Super awesome. We did some BTR with him by playing basketball and taking him out to dinner. He is really starting to open up to us. Its hard to believe I have been in my area for 3 months already.I might possibly  get transferred after this transfer but It's not for sure. . What car did you wreck in? Oh gihapon do you know a Corey Brown from Idaho? Is he the one that was in our old ward? Did he serve in the Philippines Olongapo Mission? 

I was talking to one of the returned missionaries in my branch (he served in the Olongapo Mission in 2003 and he said that his trainer was Elder Brown (Corey Brown). So mom could you find out for me? His name is Renan Cudjemet. Well I don't know what else to say. I love ya'll and miss you, also expect a handwritten from me soon. Within 2 months. 

Love Dylan                  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Family,
Salamat po para an imo information. This last week has been great, our main focus has been less actives. We visited 11 this week. Some we have been visiting for a while most of them were less active were we made first contact with them. It is a sweet experience for them. Like I have said earlier, there are so many less actives in the Philippines and my area is no exception. My heart just swells with joy when I see them return to church. That reminds me of the parable of the lost sheep. Since its difficult to find where these people live, we often have to rely on the leaders to help us find them. This last week we visited an brother who was baptized in the 80's. H.e invited us in we talked for awhile to get to know him I guess he was in the Philippine military and he talked a-lot about how the gospel helped him at that time in his life. It was a good experience. When we started to share our message we asked him if he had a BOM (Book of Mormon) he said yes, he then pulled out the BOM that the missionaries gave to him at the time of his conversion. It was old and tattered, in fact it was so old that the Translation (Tagalog) wasn't even complete yet. So we shared our message and siempre ginhatagan namon siya bago an Aklat ni Mormon. Tagalog Version. Then he gave me the old one which is extremely rare so needless to say I have added it to my collection of Book of Mormon's.   

Wow it sounds like you are getting a-lot of snow! I wished I had some here, it's just been raining pirme. I can honestly say I have never used an umbrella as much as I have now. It pretty much is your best friend rain or shine. Wow damong mga tao ginkarawat nira calls! Shoot I think Cody enters the MTC next week. Ayaw Kabalaka I haven't been missing home to much. My homesickness is fleeting, it doesn't stay around and linger. I have been bitten by so many mosquitoes I am surprised that I haven't contracted dengue pa. Damong mga salamat mom I can't wait to see all of the scrap booking that you will have accomplished by the time igbalik nakon. Oh and keep up the good work Dad!! You are building an empire. 

Well ya'll are eagles!! So spread your wings and fly. I love you.

Your Missionary Son

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Work Continues

     I am doing great , this last Saturday we had a baptism ,it was great! Oh ha katapuson ginkarawat nakon an package thank you for all that you put in it!! 40% is the % for the mosquito spray. I would enjoy some Oreo's and beef jerky if you could send them.  American food is the only thing I want at this at this point in time. Is not that the food here is bad, I just want some food from home. Things are great I have been forgetting to tell you that I have already lost 10 pounds!  I get plenty to eat though. Especially this last week! 
     We contacted the mayor this last Friday, she invited us in and we had a friendly chat She actually knew a-lot about us. Basta, she invited us to diner that night at her sisters house. It was so nice. We talked for about two hours. It's a small world ,I found out she has a friend in Twin Falls that owns those hotels off of I-84 near Twin Falls, you know were we always stop for gas. I guess she also has been skiing in sun valley. She is a world traveler she has been to Jerusalem, Asia, Europe, and the US.  She likes American sports such as pro football, college football and basketball. She has six kids three of which live in the US. 
      Akabaraka I am wearing my retainer and brushing my teeth kada gabii. Wow its is hard to believe that I have been in my area for almost duha ka transfers na! Each transfer period is for 6 weeks. Siguro I will get a follow up trainer after my 12 weeks of training are over which is soon. I have a-lot of letters to write. I got so many from grandma this last week gihapon I got one from your sister (Jill and Steve). I was in Tacloban this last week for a special mission conference. The whole mission was there. So siempre they released all the mail. 

Well I love ya'll and hope your good.

P.S. Hiton hi Brother Nari nagbalik missionary nija. The one performing the ordinance, he is a recently returned missionary. 

Nothing like January in the Tropics

     Wow time is flying by! The weather here is the same everyday. Right now OVERCAST and raining. Yesterday was the only exception for all of the last week.  The work is going great here we have a Baptism scheduled this Saturday. For right now we mostly visit less-actives. Of course we still find and teach investigators, but our focus is on less actives. There are so many. Yesterday was pretty interesting. I was asked to teach priesthood on the spot. It was an interesting experience. I guess I never realized how lucky I was to be in such a organized ward. Most of the time people will be asked to give a talk 20 to 30 minutes before sacrament begins so there is little preparation, but yet they go through with it and do great. Filipinos are really good at doing things on the spot. I guess that is something I will get good at throughout the mission. The  whole mission is going to down in Tacloban on Wednesday so I will see If the package arrived. (Hopefully). Tell Grandma, Lyn and Ronnie that I got their letters. Oh by the way I wrote a letter to The Hooper's (your cousin) I will mail it when I am in Tacloban on Wednesday. 

New Year 2013

   These are this weeks pictures.  Some of dialects Dylan is learning.  

  New year here is crazy non-stop fireworks. The work here is good.  We have about 9 investigators, one of which is getting baptized on the 26 hopefully (if he continues) to keep all of his commitments. Thats cool that Jake got his call to Iowa!    Wow I guess our house is a owl paradise!! I have learned so much about myself and about God's will for me. I have learned so much from the scriptures. I have been feasting upon the words of Christ!! See 2 Nephi 32. Thanks for the encouragement. I needed it. Well this last week was a good week looking forward for next week!! 

Christmas 2011

     My Christmas was just another day. They do things very different here in the Philippines instead of going to sleep they stay up late and have a very big feast.  The equivalent here for turkey is Lechon, a big roasted pig. Funny enough it tastes like turkey. I ate so much food because I had three dinner appointments.  Needless to say, I was  stuffed by the end of the day.  Plus, by the end of our last dinner appointment, it was raining super hard and it didn't look like it was going to let up so we had to trudge through it. I was so drenched by the time we got back to the apartment. Still waiting on the package ,I will probably get it by the second week of January. The baptism went great. Since there was no font I performed the ordinance in a river. Today has been great, our Zone had a CSP (community service project) earlier this morning. We cleared out a bunch of shrubs with mga sundang (machetes) tapos (then) we constructed a fence. While we were building the fence it started to rain really hard but we worked through it. We have five investigators who we have taught 1st lesson to. Later this week we go to Can-avid. We have people there who are Investigators, but we haven't began teaching them yet. Basta, I guess New Years here in the Philippines is crazy, well I will find out later! Oh please with your next package send some OFF 40% deet mosquito spray non-aresol. May da kamo maupay nga adlaw ngan mabuhay. Oh and please I don't know if you forgot or what please next email send a picture of my mission plaque. Malipayon bago nga tuig!