Sunday, September 15, 2013

Continuing the Work

July 23, 2013

Dear Family

First to answer your questions. No, I don't wear my passport with me. It is at the mission home and it will remain there till I leave. My shoes are fine they are holding out well, if I need another pair or if they need to be fixed I can do it here no worries. Unless we have an activity on p-day we wear out proselyting cloths in public. On p-day we email, lava, study and sleep. Sometimes we like to have actives. Later today me and Elder Ramilo are going to have an activity (I will send pictures next week!) Lastly my Cebuano is amazing I am pretty much fluent.  

Sige, this last week was hard for both of us. We were punted a-lot.  We only had 7 lessons the whole week. That's just what happens sometimes. That is cool that Alicia Hansen is on a mission! I took her on ca couple of dates while I was in High School, goodness seems so long ago. I have really started to hit my stride. Hala 9 months na!! My companion keeps telling me nga I am going to become a District Leader or a trainer this next transfer. Hopefully I would like that. Wow Elder Firmage that is rough stuff, being comps with a branch president. How big is his branch? Tell him we are in the same boat sort of. I have definitely learned how important the priesthood is in this last 9 months. Wow 9 months its hard to believe but its been awesome so far. 
Well Ingat amping. Naghigugma ko sa inyo.


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