Sunday, September 15, 2013

Monkeys and Caves

July 8, 2013

Dear Fam,

Hey I am fine don't worry about things. Those transactions are my transactions. I am using personal money to buy some personal items. Like a proselyting bag a pair of sandals and other things.  Please don't worry so much. Transfers are not until next week it is very possible nga I or E. Ramilo will transfer. Ug gihapon I might become a trainer or DL so we will see. What about the I-Pod were you able to put music on it? Have you sent it yet?  

I got some good news and bad news. Good news is that I FINALLY RECEIVED the package you sent me!!! Thank you so much for the mini pmg's and for the foods. The bad news our star Investigator who had a baptismal date moved to Manilya for school. Nooo sayoung. Our re-activating efforts have been paying off we found a new sister (LA) that we stared to teach this last week she came to church yesterday. Bring others back into the fold is just as great! Her name is sister Colas. 

That is just the biggest problem in the Philippines there are so many less-active members. Since we are in the province and there is not much strength in the Branch missionaries do a-lot of the re-activation. This last week was great we had 10 lessons 4 to investigators 6 to less-active, That is our usual week 10
to 15 lessons. My health is !00% percent great you guys know me I am like an Ox. That is something that has improved my endurance, needless to say we walk a-lot 5km-10km a day. I still use my net mom every single  night... For the release date we will get a 6 month letter or trunky letter as it is called :D telling us when our release date is. Meaning I still have a long time fourteen months.... President Firmage  wrote on my papers that I wanted to be released in time for school I will find out when the time comes. I dont want to think about it right now...stop making me trunky. Today was awesome we went to this awesome place it had caves and monkeys. It was awesome because you could feed the monkeys banana's. There were so many 20 to 30 monkeys all wild (well used to humans). It was awesome. Again thanks para ang tanan nga mga butanga gipadala nimo sa ako.. ug sorry for not wirtting as much as I should with love E .Mga Hari                

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