Sunday, September 15, 2013

Elder Parsons and I

Mom you haven't wrote me yet so I will write you! How are ya'll doing. Tis last week has been great. Yesterday was awesome because two of our investigator's finally came to church. Gihapon me and Elder Parsons found a family that is willing to listen to and accept the gospel. Their name is Ganda family. They are so awesome we committed them to baptism. This week is transfer week yikes again. I can't wait what changes wiil happen, but I am kind of sad because Elder Parsons will probably transfer this has been his 5th transfer here in St. Bernard. Changes are coming for sure in St. Bernard I am 100% sure nga I will become the second counselor in the branch presidency.

 This last transfer has been awesome (best so far hands down). Elder Parsons and I have been working so hard! We are getting close to a baptism. I guess this area has not had a baptism in over a year. So how are ya'll doing? I have been great mom, stop worrying about me I am fine. Have the playoffs started yet? Wow school is almost out for the summer there that is crazy. Oh plus I can't believe I turn 20 in a month. In fact I came to that realization yesterday nga I am almost twenty years old. Wow time has been truly flying by! How is Idaho doing? How is America doing? I heard there was some bombings? Where? Gosh I just hope everything is alright with ya'll. I hope I hear from you next week. Wala pa ang injo email.

Our emails crossed.  

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