Sunday, September 15, 2013

Keeping the Faith

 Dear Family,

Thanks so much for sending a package. Did you get a music player with church music on it? If not that's ok. Thanks for everything. I am so glad that you are recovering well mom. Just keep holding in there. My birthday was great, really its just another day in life. 20 years doesn't really mean anything. I bought a 1.5 liter thing of Ice-cream and that was it really. Thanks for posting those picture's on Facebook. Did anyone else wish me a happy birthday? (On Facebook?) Its been the same old in St. Bernard our investigators are great they just need to come to CHURCH!! We did do another service project or the same sister this last Saturday, we cut bamboo and put up a fence. I love sundangs! Great story though, last Monday after work and everything we were just doing the norm before we go to bed. We received a txt from somebody (We had no idea who) basta it was one of our former investigators (who dropped us at the beginning of this cycle). Anyways she wanted us to teach her again. So that next day we did. We asked her why she wanted us to teach her again. She said during those last 3- 4 weeks when we did not teach her, she did not feel the spirit like the times before when we did teach her. Long story short she missed the Holy Ghost in her life and wanted it back. That was a cool story. Wow I can believe Tristan is 5' 3" she should start playing basketball or something!! Wow you guys are getting old 25th anniversary.    

Sa kanunay naghigugma ko sa inyo!! Ayaw kalimot ana!!

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