Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loving St. Bernard

Dear Family

I would love it if ya'll were to send over an I pod over full of church music. Its totally pwede (Yes you can).  If you were to do that could you please put the album :Reflections of our Savior on it. That would be cool. Thank you so much for the mini's the Filipino missionary's love the small ones. Plus my small one got real dirty. Just the regular beef jerky. This last week was a very trying we struggled to teach and find people we have few lesson's. It was hard probably one of the hardest of my mission. I am currently reading in 1st Nephi. Reading about the stories of Nephi humbled me. How he keep enduring his trials and relying on the lord knowing that he would strengthen him even when everybody around him was murmuring. As you know sometimes when I get discourage I begin to murmurer. I have worked really hard at trying not to do that. I know that bisan lisod sija the Lord has strengthened me this last week and I haved learned from it. Well I am looking forward to another week of service to the Lord. That service can take many forms this last week (Saturday) we helped clean and shape up here a house that she will be soon moving into. We csped 8 sa buntag hangtud 4 sa hapon it was a great experience. I learned nga a sundang is the multi tool of the Philippines!!        

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