Sunday, September 15, 2013


It has been a long time since have updated Dyaln's missionary blog.  You see, I am an Apple girl and when my Mac Book Pro battery blew up and my power supply was runined, I was forced to use the Windows based desk top in my husband's office.  After being on the Mac Book since 2008, I just about lost my mind, between the 10 days of being in the hospital in May along with recoveing from a 5.5 hour bowel resection surgery, I simply lost my memory of how to use the Windows based computer and I have not had the brain power to try and figure it out.  Healing has been my priority this summer.  So, thanks to my dear husband, I am now back in business on my Mac Book.  So her goes.  I will go back and systematically post his letters and pictures from where I left off.

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