Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tearing it up.

Dear Family,
This last week was so awesome, my comp and I tore it up. We  had over 16 lessons total. It is election season here in the Philippines and it was interesting to see how they campaign for office here. The politicians gather a bunch of cars and people together then they drive around to all the different b
rgy's blasting music and other things. I thought it was a joke. O I forgot to tell you here in St. Bernard there are some small earthquakes you can feel the ground shake. Its weird. WOW you gave IN!!!
 Haha we will see how long this one lasts! She better be there by the time I get back!! hahaha. does that mean you are going to finish the fence?  My cooking skills are improving I eat rice, fish, spaghetti, potatoes and a whole lot of other stuff . Some   recipes? That would be nice. Has anybody else received their mission calls yet? Has Mark Moomey finished his papers yet? How is everyone doing? 

Yesterday was great we had a nice fast and testimony meeting. We had one lesson with an investigator. His name is Alex he is so awesome the spirit was so strong when we taught and testified about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon especially when talked about he can know para sa ija sarili (Moroni 10:4-5). He felt it big time. He said he was shocked and he said he didn't know how to describe his feelings. He is very attentive and willing to do our commitment's. He is our golden investigator right now. Gah I have to wait  till next Sunday to listen to conference jealous!!  Have a great week.!
Love this smile!!!!!

Strong in Spirit

Kamusta kamo? Malipayong ako dito sa Philippines. The missionary work here is great may kita maraming investigators. We balance our work between less actives and Investigators. We have been teaching a family the last couple of weeks.  Our typical Sunday is made up of church most of the day. Since there is lack of priesthood we have to do a-lot, for example we taught Sunday school and during sacrament I was chorister and blessed the sacrament. There were only 15 attendance at the Dolores branch meeting. Besides us there was one other priesthood and he was presiding over the meeting. I have not been able to receive my package yet next time in Tacloban. This Wednesday is transfer announcements so I find out if I am being transferred or not. Send Dad my regards I really appreciate him doing that for me. Thank you for the prayers. Wow it's hard to believe that its has already been six months, if you were to see me now you wouldn't recognize me. I have changed so much in the last six months for the better. I love this work that I have been able to do thus far I have never been part of anything that has been so fulfilling as this. I love being a missionary. This last transfer by far has been the best part of my mission (thus far). I love ya'll ayo-ayo.  Love Dylan

Working hard

Hi Mom and Dad 
 This last week was a good week. We visited some less actives for the first time in Can-avid. Tapos there is a brother in Dolores branch who is such in inspiration  He was less active and we have been having regular lessons and such. For the last three Sundays he has been coming to church and paying his tithing, it's awesome. He sells his own homemade ice cream for his job. It doesn't bring in much but somehow he supports his ten children. Also his oldest son works as a peddy cab driver to help out the family. My heart swells when I see members return to activity. We have about six investigators one of them is a family!!Most of them are progressing which is good. I haven't been able to receive my package,maybe next week during ZTM. Four new missions were created here in the Philippines they just split some of them. We as a mission are expected to grow by a 100 more missionaries by the end of this year!! Crazy!! Tell Tristan that I miss her to. How is she doing school and all of that anyway? I might get transferred this next transfer which is next week. Everybody who I have talked to (Including Americans who were in my area previously) only stay three transfers in Borongan Zone. Love you.

Love Dylan

New Comp

Everything here is going well, it's hard to believe that I have been in my area for almost four months now. Wow time really flies. I am almost finished with the first quarter of my missionary service. Wow 54 new missions!! I knew that they would have to open new missions with such an explosion. , I got a new comp my follow up trainer iya ngaran Elder Dabon. He is so awesome

gihapon batch mate ko who is in my district got a new comp and he is awesome too. That is awesome Jason got his call to Brazil!! By the end on this year I think the Philippines Tacloban Mission will grow 100 more missionaries. Next transfer we have 17 new elders and sisters. 10 of which are sisters. Crazy ha?  My health is great. As you know I have a solid immune system haven't been sick at all. Yesterday was awesome, our mission president came to area namon (We showed him the prospective apartment sa Can-avid) He took us out to lunch. He said "order what ever you want elder" needless to say I order a-lot. Morasa nga foods. Needless to say I ate so much! Gihapon,, president authorizes skype so its not for sure if its pwede on Mothers Day. Diak Maaram pa kon pwede magskype sa mothers day. So this last week was great looking forward to this week.

Mahal ko kayo. Mahupot mga kasugoanan. Mag simba susunod domiggo. Pirme nahinundman an pagbayad han sala ni Jesu Kristo nga Makabulig siya ha aton. Maaram ako nga niyo nabendisyion kay serbi ko ha dios at si jesukristo. Maaram hira ha aton bilang tagsa-tagsa. I know that you are being watched over and protected.  

Love Dylan

Catching Up

Hey, sorry I couldn't email last week, I was busy all p-day long. I went to an Island that was accessible by bridge siempre. I was so cool. There were so many diving boards of varying height. Man if I wasn't a missionary I would be jumping off of them. This last week has been hard my trainer got transferred and I got a new companion. Most of the zone was transferred actually. Five new elders. And, in addition to that, I am now the only American in the whole zone. Yeh.....but its okay. I have adapted by this point. I guess I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Like I said earlier, this last week was hard. I was on extended splits with my batch mate in my district. From Wednesday morning to Friday night. (My companion and his companion were both transferred.) President Andaya asked us Elders to find an apartment in Can-Avid because the area will probably be opening to a pair of missionaries next transfer.  Elder Delos Santos and I looked for three days straight but we had little success. It not like in America were you can just pick a pamphlet that has that information. We asked so many people but little was found. We have one new Investigator right now (we taught him lesson 1 MR kakulop yesterday) he is a shy, soft spoken 17 year old kid. Super awesome. We did some BTR with him by playing basketball and taking him out to dinner. He is really starting to open up to us. Its hard to believe I have been in my area for 3 months already.I might possibly  get transferred after this transfer but It's not for sure. . What car did you wreck in? Oh gihapon do you know a Corey Brown from Idaho? Is he the one that was in our old ward? Did he serve in the Philippines Olongapo Mission? 

I was talking to one of the returned missionaries in my branch (he served in the Olongapo Mission in 2003 and he said that his trainer was Elder Brown (Corey Brown). So mom could you find out for me? His name is Renan Cudjemet. Well I don't know what else to say. I love ya'll and miss you, also expect a handwritten from me soon. Within 2 months. 

Love Dylan