Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tearing it up.

Dear Family,
This last week was so awesome, my comp and I tore it up. We  had over 16 lessons total. It is election season here in the Philippines and it was interesting to see how they campaign for office here. The politicians gather a bunch of cars and people together then they drive around to all the different b
rgy's blasting music and other things. I thought it was a joke. O I forgot to tell you here in St. Bernard there are some small earthquakes you can feel the ground shake. Its weird. WOW you gave IN!!!
 Haha we will see how long this one lasts! She better be there by the time I get back!! hahaha. does that mean you are going to finish the fence?  My cooking skills are improving I eat rice, fish, spaghetti, potatoes and a whole lot of other stuff . Some   recipes? That would be nice. Has anybody else received their mission calls yet? Has Mark Moomey finished his papers yet? How is everyone doing? 

Yesterday was great we had a nice fast and testimony meeting. We had one lesson with an investigator. His name is Alex he is so awesome the spirit was so strong when we taught and testified about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon especially when talked about he can know para sa ija sarili (Moroni 10:4-5). He felt it big time. He said he was shocked and he said he didn't know how to describe his feelings. He is very attentive and willing to do our commitment's. He is our golden investigator right now. Gah I have to wait  till next Sunday to listen to conference jealous!!  Have a great week.!
Love this smile!!!!!

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