Monday, November 19, 2012

Destination Tacloban Philippines

Maayo ako. 

I am doing great. I am so stoked to leave today and am doing my laundry right now! I can't wait to call you at the airport! Its so surreal! It feels like it was yesterday when I was dropped off at the MTC.   Times flies  when you are serving the Lord. I have yet to send my package home, I will do that later today. 

I went to the temple today for the last time in 22 months! Guol ako kaayo! Pero malipay ako magadto sa akong mission field. (Mom has no idea what he just wrote, but I am sure it is good.)  That is so cool that Tristan got to participate in the youth celebration! I'm glad that you guys have a temple again. I am happy for all of you! Who re-dedicated it anyway? Salamat kaayo for the cookies! They brought back Christmas memories. It's going to be a very interesting Christmas without you. Keep updating me about the Lakers. It doesn't surprise me that they fired Brown, he never was a good coach anyway. How are they doing with the new squad? Tell Tristan that the I-POD will remain in the safe for two years! Oh I heard that electronic's in the Philippines are way cheap. I also heard that Apple products are  abundant. Hey, who knows?
 So please have your phones ready around 6:30-9:30 I will call you around then. SO PLEASE BE READY! I might also have some time in LAX just to let you know. Well I look forward to talking to soon.


Elder Dylan Kingsbury

Dylan will be flying from Salt Lake to LA this evening then on to Hong Kong connecting to Manila and then on to Tacloban.  We pray that his traveling party will be safe and arrive at their destination late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Call May 2012

This was back in May when Dylan received his call.  Before he opened it we all took a guess.  His guess was South East Asia. 

Week Eight

Hey Family,

I was worried this last week because I didn't recieve a dear Elder. I wrote you a letter today and mailed it. So I guess I won't say much here.

 No I dont need a phrase book I have everything I need. Wet wipes would probably be a good thing. You can send toliet paper but there is no garantee's that I wont have room for it in my suitcase. Halloween was great, we had night gym that night which is the greatest. From what I have seen an sd card reader is something that you plug into the computer via usb, than you plug your sd card into the reader. It's hard to explain. This is an exciting week I get my travel plans this Thursday, and I host this Wednesday. New mission fields are opening. One Elder who lives next door said his friend got their call to Tawain, but it said that she/he will only stay in Tawian until China is opened.  One of the speakers at our devotional said that 50 new fields are being prepared to be opened. 50 NEW MISSION FIELD'S. The Lord is hasting his work. I am glad to be a part of it. There is more in the letter I wrote you today so you  will probably get that soon. I love you and miss you! XOXOXOXO 

Week Seven

Dear Family,

It's week 7 now! It's hard to believe. I saw Trevor Wilson the day before he left! He has changed so much no more glasses and he is tall. I have seen Landon plenty of times. He leaves soon, two weeks I think. I saw Sean a few time's before he left for Peru.  This last fireside a seventy came and talked. 470% in missionary applications! Holy cow! He also said that the church is making preparations to open up 50 new fields. 

 I need some stuff for an early pasko (christmas) a mesqutio net, another belt and a memory card reader for my camera. The thing I have doesn't work. I need one that plugs into a usb port. I am doing fine on personal care items. I will buy personal care stuff before I leave if I need it. Thanks for the ties, I haven't traded any yet. 

Some of my duties as a district leader are  to get the mail everyday at lunch and dinner, I conduct interviews with senior comp's and I correct behavior if it is not in accordance with the rules. 
 How are the Laker's doing? How is BSU doing? How is the family doing? I can't believe that the election is right around the corner. I heard today that a huge storm hit the east coast is that true? Tell Taylor that he needs to not spend his money so fast. How is Tristan doing in school? How was her concert? How is the weather, has it changed much there. Oh I almost forgot! It snowed here in Provo this last Wednesday and stuck it was so werid. At least I saw snow before I left. The rules here are fine.

Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang ebangheylo ug pinaagi si JesuKristo makabalik ta sa Dios sa langit. Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang simbahan ug si Joseph pagpakita ni Jesus Christ ug sa Dios. Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang Basahon ni Mormon ug pulong niya sa dios. Nasayud ko nga pinaagi sa palano sa kaluwasan makabalik sa mga pamilya wala'y katapusan. 

 I love the lord and I absolutely love serving him. I have learned so much in this last month and a half than I have ever learned before in my previous life. 

P.s Can you send me a picture of the family so I can have one. Tungod dili naa ko'y sa kodak sa akong pamilya. Kinahanglan ko sa kodak.

1st Corinthians 13:11    

Week Four

Dear Family,

I went to the temple this morning at 5:40 in the morning it was great.  I love sitting in the Celestral room. Oh I saw Trevor Wilson last night he leaves today for Paris. He has changed much. We took a picture and I said goodbye and good luck. I'm doing great.  This last week went by really fast!  It's hard to believe its been a month. If I were to return right now, you wouldn't recognize me! I can't even describe the changes. Yesterday I was called to be the district leader, just more responsiblity for me. I will probably be the district leader till the time we leave for the field.

That's great that Ben got married! I hope he is happy he deserves it! It hard to believe that you were so close only a week ago! I am super glad Tristan is doing good in school, tell her to keep in up for me. So has Violet been spayed yet? i feel sad for Midnight, he is like the unwanted cat! Do you still have him? How are the cats doing? How was the last debate? How is Keene doing? I hope he is doing well. How many kids in our ward have started their papers since the announcement? I am still in shock about that announcement I bet they are going to open new area's, maybe even China! I have got all the packages you guys have sent me. I really appreciate the stuff you have sent. I would just rather you not to send any food or candy.  I am fed good. How is  does Taylor like his job? Does he enjoy earning more money? Oh yeah thanks for the G's, ties and shirt you sent me i loved it. You don't have to send me a pre-paid phone card because they sell them here at the MTC bookstore. So I will get one before I go. Do you know of any other girls putting in their papers since the announcement? I still think that is so cool. You're right, if both husband and wife have served a mission it will be a great thing. My Cebuano is getting there I know it will be better in the field when I am completly surrounded by it.

  So more about my companion he is from Salt Lake City his name is Elder Johnson. He has been all over the world doing varoius things! Our compship is very strong we get together great. Well I love ya'll and I hope you are doing good. 

Elder Dylan Joseph Kingsbury      

Week Three

Dear Family

It been a good week at the MTC. I watched general conference, of course every single session. I was shocked at the announcement. I will let you in on a secret with the lowering of the missionary age, they are cutting the stay at the MTC by a third. I guess they want missionaries to learn more in the field. For the fireside this last sunday they had Chad Lewis come and speak, it was a really good fireside. Then this last Tuesday, President Bednar came and spoke.  It was really cool. He shared his conference addresses  learning method. It has helped me look at each conference talk differently. No, they do not let us walk to campus. The mtc book store is another branch from the one on campus. I am getting enough to eat, actually probably too much. I have gained about 5 to 7 pounds since I got here! 
That is so awesome that Cody got his call to Russia! I am so excited for him. My companionship with Elder Johnson is great, he is a great guy and I love serving with him. You can go ahead and send my a Christmas package before i go but there is no guarantee (sorry for spelling) that I will be able to fit it in my suitcase! Is anybody missing me? Hahah is hard to believe that i am coming up on a month in the MtC! Do you still have the black cat? Has Tristan's ear infection gone away yet?

Well anyways the MTC has been great and I miss all of you! 

P.S. Please have more patience, in my last letter i specified that I WROTE you a letter. It was very in depth and thought out. I just hope you recieved it! 

Elder Dylan Joseph Kingsbury   

Week Two

We only received a short letter this week along with these pictures.
Elder Kingsbury and Elder Johnson

                                                        Laundry Time

Week One

Dear Family
It feels like an eternity since I've seen you! The mtc is great! I have adjusted pretty well! My companions name is Elder Johnson, he is from the Salt Lake area. Everyone in our district excluding me and another elder are from Utah!. Cebuano is coming great even though its been five days, Elder Johnson and I have given two lessons in Cebuano. We will be giving a lesson about Joseph Smith sometime this week, our goal is to teach with just preach my gospel with no notes. In class we have dicussed the diffent dialects that we will have to speak. It has come to my attention that Cebuano is not the predominate language, Wary-Wary is. Wary-Wary and Cebuano are like Portugese and Spanish, they teach us Cebuano becuase they have the gospel in that language. They say we will have to learn wary-wary in the field. The food here is good and fills me up so I don't need you to send any goodies unless I ask. Please send me my sweatshirt because the weather is going to get colder very soon. 

I have never felt the spirit as much as I have in the last five days it's unreal! I had the opportunity to watch the Brigham City Temple broadcast it was a powerful testimony builder for me to know that temples are holy places where we can find solace from the world. Infact today was my p-day and I got to go the Provo temple. Well as they say you if make it to Sunday you will make it the rest of the way. I have had no problems waking up or falling asleep while I have been here. It was kind of hard adjusting to a planned out schedule. I now understand the importance of having and keeping a schedule!

Tell everybody that I love and miss them. I know that we as a family will be blessed in my absence. I know that the gospel is true and I cannot wait to bring the truth to the people of the Philippines!