Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week Eight

Hey Family,

I was worried this last week because I didn't recieve a dear Elder. I wrote you a letter today and mailed it. So I guess I won't say much here.

 No I dont need a phrase book I have everything I need. Wet wipes would probably be a good thing. You can send toliet paper but there is no garantee's that I wont have room for it in my suitcase. Halloween was great, we had night gym that night which is the greatest. From what I have seen an sd card reader is something that you plug into the computer via usb, than you plug your sd card into the reader. It's hard to explain. This is an exciting week I get my travel plans this Thursday, and I host this Wednesday. New mission fields are opening. One Elder who lives next door said his friend got their call to Tawain, but it said that she/he will only stay in Tawian until China is opened.  One of the speakers at our devotional said that 50 new fields are being prepared to be opened. 50 NEW MISSION FIELD'S. The Lord is hasting his work. I am glad to be a part of it. There is more in the letter I wrote you today so you  will probably get that soon. I love you and miss you! XOXOXOXO 

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