Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week Four

Dear Family,

I went to the temple this morning at 5:40 in the morning it was great.  I love sitting in the Celestral room. Oh I saw Trevor Wilson last night he leaves today for Paris. He has changed much. We took a picture and I said goodbye and good luck. I'm doing great.  This last week went by really fast!  It's hard to believe its been a month. If I were to return right now, you wouldn't recognize me! I can't even describe the changes. Yesterday I was called to be the district leader, just more responsiblity for me. I will probably be the district leader till the time we leave for the field.

That's great that Ben got married! I hope he is happy he deserves it! It hard to believe that you were so close only a week ago! I am super glad Tristan is doing good in school, tell her to keep in up for me. So has Violet been spayed yet? i feel sad for Midnight, he is like the unwanted cat! Do you still have him? How are the cats doing? How was the last debate? How is Keene doing? I hope he is doing well. How many kids in our ward have started their papers since the announcement? I am still in shock about that announcement I bet they are going to open new area's, maybe even China! I have got all the packages you guys have sent me. I really appreciate the stuff you have sent. I would just rather you not to send any food or candy.  I am fed good. How is  does Taylor like his job? Does he enjoy earning more money? Oh yeah thanks for the G's, ties and shirt you sent me i loved it. You don't have to send me a pre-paid phone card because they sell them here at the MTC bookstore. So I will get one before I go. Do you know of any other girls putting in their papers since the announcement? I still think that is so cool. You're right, if both husband and wife have served a mission it will be a great thing. My Cebuano is getting there I know it will be better in the field when I am completly surrounded by it.

  So more about my companion he is from Salt Lake City his name is Elder Johnson. He has been all over the world doing varoius things! Our compship is very strong we get together great. Well I love ya'll and I hope you are doing good. 

Elder Dylan Joseph Kingsbury      

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