Monday, November 19, 2012

Destination Tacloban Philippines

Maayo ako. 

I am doing great. I am so stoked to leave today and am doing my laundry right now! I can't wait to call you at the airport! Its so surreal! It feels like it was yesterday when I was dropped off at the MTC.   Times flies  when you are serving the Lord. I have yet to send my package home, I will do that later today. 

I went to the temple today for the last time in 22 months! Guol ako kaayo! Pero malipay ako magadto sa akong mission field. (Mom has no idea what he just wrote, but I am sure it is good.)  That is so cool that Tristan got to participate in the youth celebration! I'm glad that you guys have a temple again. I am happy for all of you! Who re-dedicated it anyway? Salamat kaayo for the cookies! They brought back Christmas memories. It's going to be a very interesting Christmas without you. Keep updating me about the Lakers. It doesn't surprise me that they fired Brown, he never was a good coach anyway. How are they doing with the new squad? Tell Tristan that the I-POD will remain in the safe for two years! Oh I heard that electronic's in the Philippines are way cheap. I also heard that Apple products are  abundant. Hey, who knows?
 So please have your phones ready around 6:30-9:30 I will call you around then. SO PLEASE BE READY! I might also have some time in LAX just to let you know. Well I look forward to talking to soon.


Elder Dylan Kingsbury

Dylan will be flying from Salt Lake to LA this evening then on to Hong Kong connecting to Manila and then on to Tacloban.  We pray that his traveling party will be safe and arrive at their destination late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

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