Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week Seven

Dear Family,

It's week 7 now! It's hard to believe. I saw Trevor Wilson the day before he left! He has changed so much no more glasses and he is tall. I have seen Landon plenty of times. He leaves soon, two weeks I think. I saw Sean a few time's before he left for Peru.  This last fireside a seventy came and talked. 470% in missionary applications! Holy cow! He also said that the church is making preparations to open up 50 new fields. 

 I need some stuff for an early pasko (christmas) a mesqutio net, another belt and a memory card reader for my camera. The thing I have doesn't work. I need one that plugs into a usb port. I am doing fine on personal care items. I will buy personal care stuff before I leave if I need it. Thanks for the ties, I haven't traded any yet. 

Some of my duties as a district leader are  to get the mail everyday at lunch and dinner, I conduct interviews with senior comp's and I correct behavior if it is not in accordance with the rules. 
 How are the Laker's doing? How is BSU doing? How is the family doing? I can't believe that the election is right around the corner. I heard today that a huge storm hit the east coast is that true? Tell Taylor that he needs to not spend his money so fast. How is Tristan doing in school? How was her concert? How is the weather, has it changed much there. Oh I almost forgot! It snowed here in Provo this last Wednesday and stuck it was so werid. At least I saw snow before I left. The rules here are fine.

Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang ebangheylo ug pinaagi si JesuKristo makabalik ta sa Dios sa langit. Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang simbahan ug si Joseph pagpakita ni Jesus Christ ug sa Dios. Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang Basahon ni Mormon ug pulong niya sa dios. Nasayud ko nga pinaagi sa palano sa kaluwasan makabalik sa mga pamilya wala'y katapusan. 

 I love the lord and I absolutely love serving him. I have learned so much in this last month and a half than I have ever learned before in my previous life. 

P.s Can you send me a picture of the family so I can have one. Tungod dili naa ko'y sa kodak sa akong pamilya. Kinahanglan ko sa kodak.

1st Corinthians 13:11    

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