Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week One

Dear Family
It feels like an eternity since I've seen you! The mtc is great! I have adjusted pretty well! My companions name is Elder Johnson, he is from the Salt Lake area. Everyone in our district excluding me and another elder are from Utah!. Cebuano is coming great even though its been five days, Elder Johnson and I have given two lessons in Cebuano. We will be giving a lesson about Joseph Smith sometime this week, our goal is to teach with just preach my gospel with no notes. In class we have dicussed the diffent dialects that we will have to speak. It has come to my attention that Cebuano is not the predominate language, Wary-Wary is. Wary-Wary and Cebuano are like Portugese and Spanish, they teach us Cebuano becuase they have the gospel in that language. They say we will have to learn wary-wary in the field. The food here is good and fills me up so I don't need you to send any goodies unless I ask. Please send me my sweatshirt because the weather is going to get colder very soon. 

I have never felt the spirit as much as I have in the last five days it's unreal! I had the opportunity to watch the Brigham City Temple broadcast it was a powerful testimony builder for me to know that temples are holy places where we can find solace from the world. Infact today was my p-day and I got to go the Provo temple. Well as they say you if make it to Sunday you will make it the rest of the way. I have had no problems waking up or falling asleep while I have been here. It was kind of hard adjusting to a planned out schedule. I now understand the importance of having and keeping a schedule!

Tell everybody that I love and miss them. I know that we as a family will be blessed in my absence. I know that the gospel is true and I cannot wait to bring the truth to the people of the Philippines!

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