Sunday, September 15, 2013

Getting into the Groove

Dear Dylan,
How are you doing this week Elder Kingsbury, it was so nice to hear your voice earlier this week.  I hope you are doing well.
Grand ma caught a bad cold from Tristan and now Dad has it , so hopefully they will feel better soon.  I am gaining back my strength little by little.  Grandma goes home early next Wednesday morning, so hopefully, I will be able to stay on my feet a little longer that at present.
We celebrated Taylor's birthday yesterday.  He had  ordered himself a Dodger cake at Albertson's, and boy was it not good.  It made me wish for a costso cake.  He loved it and the balloons that Dad got for him.  He got a game he wanted.  Dad grilled us hamburgers, it was good.
How is your Branch doing?  After we talked I went and looked up images of St. Bernard on Google.  Which baranguay do you live in?  When you planted the mangrove trees, was it in the area of the slide of 2006.  Wow, that must have been some hike you took.  I am so proud of you.  It must have been an incredible view from the top.  How are other things going?  How is your companion?  Is it hard to overcome the language barrier.  I know that you know the language, the people will begin to understand you, just pray for inspiration and speak a little slower than normal.  The Lord will help you.  He is award of each of us and our distinct needs.  I know you must be super busy since you have more that just the missionary responsibilities now.  You will be blessed for your service in ways you may not have thought about.
I have been home for a week now recuperating from the awful surgery.  It is so good to be home again and not wake up in a strange place and wonder where I am.  Dad has been a blessing in looking after me and the children.  I am glad the grandma could come and keep him company and help him in the kitchen.  We have not sent your May package, so please, buy yourself a birthday cake and share it with others.  I have not been able to find english minis of Preach My Gospel, only spanish minis.  Which of the 41 principles are you focusing on at the moment.  Maybe our family could study the same one that you are studying.  We are so grateful for your service.
I have not heard of other calls. I will let you know when I do.  Well Elder Kingsbury,  please let us know what you are stuying, so maybe we could study it too.  I downloaded all of the scriptures and the hymnbook to my I-pad.  Tristan has the scriptures on her I-pod and we are trying to figure out how to download the scriptures to Taylor's Kindle.  Now Dad just needs his own device.  It is so neat because the i-pad will read the scriptures out loud, so no excuses for not reading scripture.  
Oh, the church released the architectural rendering of the Meridian Temple.  It did not state when It would be finished.  Not much else for now, keep up the good work our son, you never know the seeds that you may be planting.  We love you.  Love Mom, Dad, Taylor and Tristan

Hello Family,
So I live in brgy Himatagon. No we did not plant mangroves near the landslide area that is way out in the bukid. We planted mangroves in the bay area we planted around 150-20. The branch is doing ok. Its may so all the brgy's have there separate fiesta's so some of the members skip church and go the different fiesta's. The last two weeks attendance has drooped to the fortieths. I am honestly a little disappointed with them. Just Filipino's have a lack of understanding. I will tell you more after my mission. My companionship has been getting better we resolved some problems in our companionship inventory this last Thursday. The language is going great I can totally speak it. I just get frustrated when Filipino's think I can't. Its rough sometimes. This last week was ok lang we went to Maasin for our Zone Conferences then me and Elder Ramilo stayed is Sogod for a district leadership meeting. It was interesting to learn some leadership. Inline image 1 I have been able to find comfort in my patriarchal blessing just reading over and over brings a peace to me. Oh could you wish Taylor a happy birthday for me. Oh before I forget if you could look for a book call "New Evidence of Christ in America" I have been reading (When I have time in Parley P. Pratts' autobiography (Well I finished it already)  It was really good. (My Zone Leader Elder Morley gave it to me.) Right now I am mostly focusing on the lesson's for chapter three in preach my gospel. I started to read the Book of Mormon again I am currently in 1st  Nephi 16. I am glad that you are doing well and recovering mom. Just keep looking for a a small PMG mini my comp really wants one. We can't get them here because they are only in America. I love ya'll to death. Keep up the good work.  Remember that Jesus is the reason I am serving.

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