Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Work Continues

     I am doing great , this last Saturday we had a baptism ,it was great! Oh ha katapuson ginkarawat nakon an package thank you for all that you put in it!! 40% is the % for the mosquito spray. I would enjoy some Oreo's and beef jerky if you could send them.  American food is the only thing I want at this at this point in time. Is not that the food here is bad, I just want some food from home. Things are great I have been forgetting to tell you that I have already lost 10 pounds!  I get plenty to eat though. Especially this last week! 
     We contacted the mayor this last Friday, she invited us in and we had a friendly chat She actually knew a-lot about us. Basta, she invited us to diner that night at her sisters house. It was so nice. We talked for about two hours. It's a small world ,I found out she has a friend in Twin Falls that owns those hotels off of I-84 near Twin Falls, you know were we always stop for gas. I guess she also has been skiing in sun valley. She is a world traveler she has been to Jerusalem, Asia, Europe, and the US.  She likes American sports such as pro football, college football and basketball. She has six kids three of which live in the US. 
      Akabaraka I am wearing my retainer and brushing my teeth kada gabii. Wow its is hard to believe that I have been in my area for almost duha ka transfers na! Each transfer period is for 6 weeks. Siguro I will get a follow up trainer after my 12 weeks of training are over which is soon. I have a-lot of letters to write. I got so many from grandma this last week gihapon I got one from your sister (Jill and Steve). I was in Tacloban this last week for a special mission conference. The whole mission was there. So siempre they released all the mail. 

Well I love ya'll and hope your good.

P.S. Hiton hi Brother Nari nagbalik missionary nija. The one performing the ordinance, he is a recently returned missionary. 

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