Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nothing like January in the Tropics

     Wow time is flying by! The weather here is the same everyday. Right now OVERCAST and raining. Yesterday was the only exception for all of the last week.  The work is going great here we have a Baptism scheduled this Saturday. For right now we mostly visit less-actives. Of course we still find and teach investigators, but our focus is on less actives. There are so many. Yesterday was pretty interesting. I was asked to teach priesthood on the spot. It was an interesting experience. I guess I never realized how lucky I was to be in such a organized ward. Most of the time people will be asked to give a talk 20 to 30 minutes before sacrament begins so there is little preparation, but yet they go through with it and do great. Filipinos are really good at doing things on the spot. I guess that is something I will get good at throughout the mission. The  whole mission is going to down in Tacloban on Wednesday so I will see If the package arrived. (Hopefully). Tell Grandma, Lyn and Ronnie that I got their letters. Oh by the way I wrote a letter to The Hooper's (your cousin) I will mail it when I am in Tacloban on Wednesday. 

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